Regional Container Lines takes slots on China – Australia ‘SAS’

Regional Container Lines, the Thailand-based carrier, today announced its participation in Coscon’s ‘SAS’, through a slot allocation. The first voyage with RCL slots will start from Ningbo on 9 June, with the 5,810 teu COSCO XIAMEN, and the Thai carrier brands this offer as its ‘RCA’.service.

The new offer will be the third RCL’ service to Australia, adding to the ‘RSA’ and to the ‘RNA’. The ‘RSA’ is the result of the merger of two pre-existing Straits – Australia services , on which RCL is a vessel provider, with the 4,620 teu charter ship RHL CONSCIENTIA.

It is also worth noting that this slot agreement follows last week’s announcement that ANL would become a vessel provider on this very ‘SAS’/’RCA’ service, and that TS Lines had closed their own operation to consolidate as a vessel provider into ‘CKA’.


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