MOL extends SAF-WAF service ‘AOS’ to Mozambique

The Japanese carrier MOL will extend its SAF-WAF service ‘AOS’ to Mozambique. Effective immediately, MOL will add a call at Maputo, as well as a new westbound call at Coega (aka Ngqura) to the ‘AOS’.

In order to maintain the extended service on a 14-day round trip, the present call at Walvis Bay, Namibia, will be dropped. The two-ship fleet of the ‘AOS’, will remain unchanged as MOL continues to deploy the chartered 1,716 teu sisters AS SAXONIA and AS SCANDIA.

Effectively, MOL will thus create a Coega-based buttefly operation with a western wing that serves Angola and an eastern wing that serves Mozambique.

The revised rotation of the ‘AOS’ now reads: Coega, Luanda, Coega, Durban, Maputo, Coega.

At Coega, MOL offers transhipment to its ‘CSW’ Far East to South American East Coast service, which features intermediate stops at Coega and Durban on the estbound voyage and at Cape Town and Coega on the eastbound voyage. Both services, the revised ‘AOS’ and the ‘CSW’ are MOL standalone operations. NYK, PIL, Hapag-Lloyd and Zim however take slots on the ‘CSW’.


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