Amerigo Express – update

The previously announced changes on the West Med – ECNA service Amerigo Express are now materialising. As reported earlier, CMA CGM and Maersk Line have stopped their cooperation on this transatlantic loop and CMA CGM has instead teamed up with Hapag-Lloyd to operate the service together – in a slightly revised form.

The Amerigo Express’ rotation is modified as per previous announcements with:

  • Tanger Med westbound calls dropped (last on 7 June by the CMA CGM JAMAICA)
  • Tanger Med eastbound calls added (first on 9 July by the PRAIA)
  • Valencia eastbound calls added (first on 12 July by the PRAIA)
cc jamaica

The 4,298 teu CMA CGM JAMAICA is the only ship staying on Amerigo / credit Hannes Van Rijn

Maersk Line will have phased-out its last vessel by 30 June. Hapag-Lloyd meanwhile has yet to nominate which ships it will bring into the Amerigo.

In parallel with Maersk Line’s departure from the loop, the Japanese carrier MOL will stop its slot participation in mid-July.

Futher to this, CMA CGM will adjust the capacity of the Amerigo downwards. Both departing Maersk Line vessels as well ships that CMA CGM formerly deployed on the loop, ships of 4,400 to 5,000 teu, will be replaced gradually by smaller units of 3,500 teu.

The first of the smaller ships to phase-in will be 3,534 teu sister vessels HS BRUCKNER and PRAIA, which were recently extended by CMA CGM.


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