STX HONG KONG (1,740 teu) delivered

South Korea’s STX Pan Ocean has taken delivery of the 1,740 teu vessel STX HONG KONG. The ship is one of about 70 Guangzhou Wenchong 1700 standard type vessels built over the last 13 years and it is one of the very few units of this type that the Chinese yard built in a gearless configuration.

In a few days, the 175.50m long and eleven-row wide ship will phase into the ‘PJX’ Pusan Jakarta Express service, jointly offered by STX Pan Ocean, Heung-A and Sinokor, where she replaces the chartered 1,550 teu vessel HANSA LANGELAND. STX will then most likely return the smaller ship to her owners.

The ‘PJX’ service rotates in 21 days and it deploys a fleet of three vessels to maintain weekly departures. Each of the participating carriers contributes one ship.

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