Group of carriers announce major restructuring in the Far East – ECSA lane

A group of six carriers – Maersk Line, CMA CGM, Hamburg Sud, CSAV, CSCL and Hanjin- today announced the launch of three new high-capacity services in the Far East – ECSA trade to replace three existing loops with a somewhat lower capacity. In addition to the six operators, both Hapag-Lloyd and CCNI will also participate in the new loops by taking slots.The new joint services, set to launch in July, will look as follows:

1.) SEAS 1 / ASAX 1 / ASAS 1 / NGX 1.

Rotation: Busan, Shanghai, Ningbo, Yantian, Hong Kong, Tanjung Pelepas, Singapore, Sepetiba, Santos, Itapoa, Itajai, Paranagua, Santos, Itaguai (aka Sepetiba), Ngqura (aka Coega), Singapore, Hong Kong, Busan.
The weekly service will turn in 77 days 11 ships. Its average capacity will be ca. 8,000 teu per sailing.

2.) SEAS 2 / ASAX 2 / ASAS 2 / NGX 2.

Rotation: Shanghai, Ningbo, Hong Kong, Chiwan, Singapore, Port Kelang, Santos, Paranagua, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Rio Grande, Itapoa, Santos, Durban, Port Kelang, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai
The weekly service will turn in 84 days 12 ships. Its average capacity will be ca. 8,000 teu per sailing.

3.) SEAS 3 / ASAX 3 / ASAS 3 / NGX 3.

Rotation: Shanghai, Ningbo, Yantian, Chiwan, Singapore, Santos, Itapoa, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai. The weekly service will turn in 70 days 10 ships. Its average capacity will be ca. 8,000 teu per sailing.

The new loop pattern will replace the following services:

1.) ASAS / NGX1 operated by Maersk Line and Hamburg Sud, a 12 week rotation, with 8,060 teu/week average capacity.

2.) ASAS2 / NGX2 / SEAS operated by Maersk Line, CMA CGM, CSAV, CSCL and NGX2, a 12 week rotation with 4,445 teu/week capacity.

3.) SEAS / ASAX1 operated by CMA CGM, CSCL and CSAV, a 11 week rotation with 6,491 teu/week capacity.

Furthermore, there is the ALX / ASE service of Hanjin, K-Line, Zim and NYK which is already in the process of being shut down and whose closure was announced long before this major restructuring. The capacity of this 12 week service was ca 4,400 teu per sailing.

When the loop closed, the participants made various slot arrangements on the existing services above, but more importantly, found a replacement in the newly launched ‘NHX’ of K-Line, NYK and PIL, with about the same capacity.


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