UASC vessel suffers engine room explosion

UASC (the United Arab Shipping Company) reported that an explosion occured in the engine room of its 3,802 teu vessel ASIR on 11 May.


photo credit: Agustin Alapont Castilla

The incident injured three officers and caused some damage to the ship. UASC said that two of the injured officers have already been removed from the vessel for medical treatment. The vessel is now on emergency power and has developed a slow drift. The carrier further reports that there is no damage to the cargo nor any pollution and UASC will advise on discharging and delivery of cargo.

The 1998-built, 276m long panamax vessel ASIR was enroute from Suez to Jeddah at the time of the engine room explosion. UASC said that towage contracts have been secured to move the ASIR to Jeddah. The company’s 13,296 teu vessel JEBEL ALI will remain on standby at the accident site until the striken ASIR has been taken under tow.

UASC’s ASIR was trading on the ECNA – Middle East – Indian Subcontinent service jointly operated by UASC and Hanjin (‘MINA’/’IMU’). The loop employs a fleet of 11 panamax-beam ships in the size range from 3,800 to 4,300 teu.

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