Hanjin, UASC and CSAV pull out of Iran

Hanjin, UASC and CSAV will have stopped all services to and from Iran by Mid-June with the Bandar Abbas call being removed from their joint Korea Middle East ‘FMX’/’AGX2’ service.

The UASC operated, 6,919 teu MAYSSAN will make the final call in Bandar Abbas on 16 June.

The trio of carriers follows the recent movement initiated by Maersk Line, which first announced the discountinuation of all Iran operations in October 2012. Since the beginning of 2013, carriers have successively adjusted their operations to comply with UN, EC and US sanctions.

In a public statement, the Arab carrier explained that, with the recent tightening from the US, it had become impossible to continue operations and that withdrawal was the only solution: ‘Even if we are carrying non-sanctioned cargo to non-sanctioned entities, the cargo will eventually have to be handled by a Party which the US Government considers as providing financial support to a sanctioned Party’.


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