Samsung delivers EVER LIVEN (9.200 teu), new L-type number eleven for Evergreen

South Korea’s Samsung shipyard at Geoje Island this weekend delivered the tenth ship of Evergreen’s new L-class series. The 9,200 teu vessel, named EVER LIVEN, will soon phase into the carrier’s Asia to Europe service ‘CES’. The loop is operated exclusively by Evergreen tonnage but CMA CGM, NYK, Coscon, Hanjin and K-Line all take slots on the loop.

The ‘CES’ service turns in 70 days and deploys ten ships. The fleet meanwhile consists of numerous units of the recently-delivered new L-classes, as well as some slightly smaller types such as Evergreen S-classes (7,024 teu) and chartered C-classes (8,073 teu).

With the EVER LIVEN, Evergreen has now received one third of its L-series. A total of 20 such ships will be built by South Korea’s Samsung, whereas a further ten ships will come from Taiwan’s CSBC’s Kaohsiung shipyard.

While all 30 vessels will be delpoyed by Evergreen Line, they will be owned and managed by various branches of the Evergeeen Group, including Evergeeen Marine, Evergreen Singapore, Evergeeen UK, Greencompass Marine and Evergreen International.

The EVER LIVEN follows the EVER LOGIC, delivered in April.


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