Hanjin makes changes to Transpacific ‘CAX’ service

Korean carrier Hanjin will change the rotation of its ‘CAX’ Transpacific service, with the introduction of a Kaohsiung call and a second Chinese call at Yantian. In order to maintain the current 42 day round trip time, two Korean calls will be dropped: the Busan westbound call, as well as the Kwangyang stop.

The new rotation reads: Kaohsiung, Yantian, Shanghai, Busan, Long Beach, Oakland, Seattle, Tokyo, Osaka, Kaohsiung.

The 4,275 HANJIN MONACO will inaugurate this new rotation with first visits in Kaohsiung and Yantian scheduled for 9 and 11 June respectively. The 3,560 teu HANJIN TURKEY will make the final calls at Busan and Kwangyang on 4 and 8 June respectively.

The ‘CAX’ service will welcome the newbuilt HANJIN MEXICO, making her entry on May 10. This new ship is currently performing her sea trials.

It seems that the changes are related to Hanjin’s recent tie-up with Evergreen. Earlier this month, the two carriers had concluded slot exchange agreements on several Transpacific services.


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