Maersk Line adds Busan call to Chennai Express service

Maersk Line is to add a Busan call to its Chennai Express, so far linking North China to the Indian East Coast.

The new rotation of the six-week, fixed-day service will read as follows:
Qingdao, Tianjin, Busan, Shanghai, Nansha, Tanjung Pelepas, Chennai, Krishnapatnam (fortnightly), Visakhapatnam, Qingdao.

The 5,040 teu MAERSK DRURY is scheduled to make the first voyage on the revised rotation with a departure from Korea on 12 May.

The ‘Chennai Express’ will be the second service offering a direct link between Busan and the Indian port of Visakhapatnam, which was so far an exclusivity of ‘IFX’, a five-week service jointly operated by Hanjin, PIL and RCL.


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