Hanjin to take slots on Evergreen’s HTW Transpacific loop

As of 14 May, the South Korean carrier Hanjin will begin to take slots on Evergreen Marine’s weekly HTW Transpacific service, wich links Taiwan with the West Coast of North America. Hanjin wil retain the Evergeeen service name and market these slots as HTW. Hanjin thus joins the existng slotters ZIM (branding the offer as ‘AS1’) and CSCL (branding the offer as ‘AAS’)

The service, which operates a fleet of 8,000 teu to 8,500 teu vessels, is currently in the process of being stretched from five to six weeks, with one additional ship to phase in. The service used to run on a six week roster in the past, then returned to a five week pattern. These changes were mainly expained by the inclusion and exclusion of bunkering stops in the Northeast Russion ports of Vostochny and / or Vladivostok, which added to the steaming time but allowed Evergreen to take advantage of lower bunker prices.

One might wonder whether this new slot agreement is the last materialisation of a global swap agreement between the two carriers:

Evergreen has recently taken slots on three CKYH loops, whereas Hanjin has extended its coverage with slots on three Evergreen loops.

On the whole, the alliance-free standalone carrier Evergeeen has been moving closer to partners recently, in particular to members of the CKYH group.


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